How to Choose a New Photocopier

A photocopier or copier is an electronic device or machine that produces copies of documents, pictures, or images.

What was once a device considered to be a single-function has now evolved into a business and enterprise-ready copier. The norm today is that photocopiers are networked and able to perform multiple tasks or functions.

Importance of Photocopiers

These machines offer convenience by giving people a fast and easy process of making single or multiple copies of documents. Whether used in offices or homes, copiers provide the user with a time-saving and labor-friendly way of performing the job, which if not for copiers, would take hours and even days to accomplish.

The user only has to be familiar with the operation of the copier and just has to feed or place the document to be copied in the right place on the machine, press the correct icons or buttons and the task is done.

Things to Consider

Features are the first and foremost thing to consider in choosing a new copier. Some brands are better than others in relation to the features that the device has. The buyer should make thorough research to find out which brand and features meet the most of the needs of the buyer. Reading customer feedback and looking at the manufacturer’s track record is always a good idea.

A prospective user must also compare the pros and cons of inkjets versus laser printers and must weigh if a single-function copier or a multi-function is best.

Cost is also one of those important things to think about. It is not only the purchase price that must be factored in but also the cost of running and maintaining the copier. Some copiers are more expensive to buy and maintain than others. The buyer must weigh if the price is justified by the benefits that will be gained from using the copier.

Additional Things to Consider

With regard to the cost, it is best to ask for quotes from suppliers to compare the prices of copiers. After-sales support is crucial too, some manufacturers offer good after-sales support better than their competitors. 

The replacement parts and maintenance in making sure the copier is in tip-top condition is also a critical factor that affects a buyer’s decision. 

Another good thing to think about is that multifunction photocopiers will replace other devices in the office, thus figuring out what device to retire to accommodate the new copier is a must.

Buying or Leasing

After making the choice of a new copier, the buyer must consider how to pay for the same. Buying or leasing are the options.

Buying a new copier connotes that the buyer will have more equity in his or her new copier since there will be no money owed to any lender and the interest rates would be more favorable to the buyer. The buyer, of course, has to come up with the money required for the purchase in full. 

On the other hand, leasing is a good option if the buyer is less financially fluid. Lease for a copier could have a duration of twelve to thirty-six months.


The great thing when looking for a new copier is that there are plenty of options out there. Offices and even homes surely benefit from these choices.

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