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What Do Printing Companies Do?

You might be curious about what printing companies do, or you might be looking for a printing company perfect to meet your needs as an advertiser, writer, etc. Despite today’s technological evolution that almost all pieces of work have been digitized, the fact that paperwork is still a necessity for any company to run smoothly and progressively. Whether it be order forms, receipt blanks, advertising, letterheads etc., a business that provides big or small companies printing services will be able to help. 

Printing companies produce flyers and other ads, logos, and any kind of brand development for a large-scale business, and this is one of the expertise of a printing company—graphic design. This makes a huge difference in all the business ventures, because work for printing companies, although per project, never ends. The printing industry basically includes such buildings and particular establishments that are intended for printing text, images on paper, metal, glass, and some apparel and other materials. 

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These are the major types of printing that publishing companies are working on:


This form of printing uses a flexible relief plate, which also got its name from. It is basically a modern form of letterpress printing. This produces pattern-like designs for wallpapers and gift wrappers. Flexography is very effective for high-volume jobs since it produces at high speed.

Offset Printing

This is also called offset lithography. What we commonly see in books, newspapers, magazines, and broachers is made through offset printing. During printing, the inked rollers are transferred onto the surface where it intends to print on. Offset printing has a very wide range of materials that can print on—both on a rough surface of a canvas or a smooth surface of the paper. This kind of printing can produce high-quality products that are very suitable for large quantities.

Large Format Printing 

This is most commonly used and sought after by the marketing team. As the name implies, it prints in a large format of which width is more than 18 inches and is printed on rolls of the printing machine or substrate. The billboards you commonly see in buildings or the banners on the stress practically are printed in large format printing. Most consumers of this large-format kind of printing are businesses that use large-format media to promote their business and products. This printing type uses paper, vinyl, wood, metal etc., to imply its own purpose. 

3D printing

3D printing was first discovered to be another form of artistry in the 1980s. It is a three-dimensional object constructed by a computer-aided design and is a mixture of different compounds in order to be built up. Initially, 3D was not very famous or common, until technology improved. 3D printing was able to help many industries, and one is the architectural industry, and constructing complicated structures was made possible that would’ve been infeasible by hands.

Screen Printing

One of the oldest forms of printing and is still practiced today. The process can be very messy and manual labor is needed to deploy the proper design intended for printing. Practically the ink is being pressed against the screen through a blade and the image is being successfully printed on the substance. This can be used for banners, tees, or fabrics of many kinds and purposes.

Printing companies offer large scale services that can fit your taste and liking according to your purpose. Thus, it is also better to know which printing company can serve the best of your desired outcome.