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Common Feature of a Top Copy Machine

Copy machine features are a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a copy machine or upgrading your equipment for your workplace. If you’re thinking of buying a new copy machine from any printer company. Office printers are essential in today’s competitive business environment since they help to optimize the workload. 

These office essentials are still a true treasure that can save you effort & cost-effectiveness. High-quality printing machines should be capable of doing more than merely reprinting. Even if you’re looking to lease a copier or buy one. Here are the most important characteristics to consider before purchasing new office equipment. 

Common Feature of a Top Copy Machine

1. Has a secure Print Release, Many employees in a workplace can transmit papers to the multifunctional printer from their workstation or a specific area. 

Afterward, please proceed to the copier area in the office to take their produced copies. A secure print release is a useful feature or tool that enables employees to send print files or documents from their computers through their printer while knowing that the printer won’t print the files until the employee operates it in person to the printer machine. 

What if your printer does not have this feature? If your printer does not have a secure print release, possible missing documents are prevalent because users get other people’s prints when picking up their own. For some instances, the employee may need to print out anything containing confidential datas that no one else in the office should view. 

The secure print release option means that the individual can operate the printer by swiping their badge, code system, scan QR code, or provide authentication before printing their document. When they are physically in the copy room picking up their goods, the project prints once it is released. 

It’s a useful copy machine function that aids in the development of strong security habits in any workplace. 

2. Ability to Scan One of the printing machine capabilities that become indispensable to every business is scan to email. Not all print tasks require fast printing or holding for printing. 

On the other hand, most companies that have large-scale projects are already printed and must be scanned into a digital quality. It’s critical in this scenario that the multifunction printer can actually scan an email or a document instantly. 

In terms of scanning email, employees can scan their files, and they will be immediately forwarded to them as an email attachment if they check the email. Employees can then forward the email or store the file in their desired workplace. In some matters, the employee can save the scanned document into a company server folder for easy remote access or shared access by numerous persons. 

3. Print from Mobile Nowadays, mobile devices such as cellphones are not just permitted in the workplace. 

A significant component of how an employee goes on with their day. In some cases, employees will check their email during free time, submit files or projects while traveling, or utilize a mobile device instead of a computer to attend conferences or interact with the business or any activities. 

Mobile phones are much more convenient to use than computers. That’s why most mobile companies work on improving mobile phones’ features to meet their customers’ needs. Printing from a mobile device is a present-era saver that businesses can’t afford to overlook, particularly if they have employees that work both night and day. 

4. Document Sorting Some of the principal and sometimes overlooked functions of quality print equipment is the ability to sort documents. 

Final Say

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When an employee places a presentation on the print machine or any other task with numerous pages, the file should copy and print the pages in the order they are placed. When office equipment sorts the paper for you during work hours, it allows you to save time and effort. Even if you put the file in the print equipment out of order, any good print machine will verify the page numbers and print it in sequence.