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Speediest Copiers for Businesses

A high-quality copier is one of the first equipment that you will need when you have an office. Whether it is small or big, copiers are very important in running your business. There are a lot of copiers with different models from different manufacturers. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and you should only purchase a copier that suits your needs and the one that gives you the best value for your money. 

However, your budget is not the only factor that you need to consider; you also need a copier that can perform your tasks. If you can find and purchase the best copier, the one that is fast enough to get all things done, it will make your work more efficient, and it can increase your productivity and profit, plus it can save you money in the long run. Here are the three speedy copiers that can help you perform your tasks:

Xerox 2400

Xerox 2400 is one of the fastest and most reliable copiers in the market today. It can produce electrostatic copies at a rate of 40 papers per minute, or 2,400 per hour. The Xerox 2400 is similar to the Xerox 914, but it is six times faster. This product is a top-end copier from Xerox, and it can be used for scanning, printing, faxing, copying and emailing. It is one of the fastest printers with 47 ppm capacity, and it can print up to 150,000 pages every month. 

This copier comes with an auto document feeder so you can use it for heavy-duty scanning and printing. It also has a high-resolution capacity for high-quality printing and copying. The copier has 2 GB memory and a 250 GB Hard Drive which makes it a perfect copier for any business. The Xerox 2400 is cost-effective, and it is very easy to operate. 

Canon imageCLASS D530

If you are looking for a copier that is fast, efficient and reasonably priced, then the Canon imageCLASS D530 is the copier for you. It is a well-designed compact monochrome laser printer that works as a scanner and a copier. It is also one of the most affordable machines considering its features. 

Even though it does not include a fax option, it does have incredible features like the 250-Sheet Cassette, the 2-sided printing, 1-Sheet Multipurpose Tray, advanced ID card copy and other amazing features. It can also print and copy at a 20-ppm speed, and it is compatible with numerous operating systems. It is also easy to configure with any network. 

The Canon imageCLASS D530 has a compact design with 64 MB of shared printing memory. It is also compatible with Mac and Windows, plus it is easy to set up and is energy efficient. 

HP Color LaserJet 2840 All-in-One

This copier is a high-quality machine from HP that works as a scanner, printer, and fax machine. It is ideal for big offices with heavy-duty copying and printing needs. The copier has high-resolution laser printing, and its speedy copy mode makes it the perfect copier for office and even home use. 

This copier can print and copy in high resolution with a speed of 20 pages per minute. It also has amazing features such as a 250-sheet paper input tray, USB 2.0 port, photo memory card slots, fast ethernet wired networking and much more. Also, it comes with reliable HP service and coverage that is a no match to competitors. It supports multiple media including xD, Compact Flash, Memory Stick, and Pro, Secure Digital, MultiMedia, and SmartMedia. With this copier, you can complete your office tasks every day. 

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Having a copier is great, but owning a copier that is fast enough to get all of your tasks done every day is incredible. If you are not ready to purchase a copier just yet, you can opt for a copier lease in Long Beach so you can get the best speedy copier for the best deal.