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Factors to Consider When Buying a Printer

Just like having a house of your own, we need to check must-have lists of the different factors to consider when buying the rightful printer of your choice. To prevent malfunctions and still have good quality, here are some of the likable factors to consider when buying printers.

  1. Features

The first that should come up with all buyers of printers is the features they offer. Some may offer good quality but may cost a little for the running expense. Others may have multifunctionality features that can work in offices. Others like printers of express production for business purposes. While on the other hand, some just want a printer with minimal running expenses.

You may take features of being user-friendly as a helpful one. Printers can do printing even by using Bluetooth, WiFi option, or even through a mobile phone connection. This may come as a handy feature whenever urgency comes.

  1. Flexible with different paper sizes and types

You may or may not observe, but some printers are allowed to print a certain number of pages per day. This is to prevent overwork, overheating, and maintenance process of each printer. Thus, in this case, it is, therefore, a great factor to consider their printing number of pages per day and even the type of paper they can be printed.

Have you ever experienced a paper jam in some instances during printing? This is the reason that the type or quality of paper you inserted is not suitable for your printer. You may not often experience it with the simple coupon bonds, but are likely to experience them when using onion papers, magic papers, Oslo papers, and others specified. These types of papers mentioned may not be frequently used during office work but a printer that can print on them can become handy when the need arises.

  1. An easy follower

The recent features of printers have the “Follow-Me” option. This “Follow Me” option allows the user to input their document on their specified printer. This is a very helpful feature when there are a lot of printers in your offices or business establishment and you need a certain document printed just beside your area.

This feature can not only fit in workplaces with many printers but also in printing businesses with a lot of printer options to choose from. Some employees in the printing business might print multiple copies without intentionally doing it, which in this case can be prohibited. The “Follow Me” feature can also detect multiple copies and the purpose is to remind the user in checking it. This may resolve or prevent issues of paper and ink wastage.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Printer
  1. Data Encryption Channel

The data encryption channel is like a pin code that will be asked of you by your printer upon logging into another device. Thus, each device whenever connected to the printer should have the needed password to access the equipment.

This feature or another breakthrough in technology does not only protect your printer but also your documents in the process. The stocked documents in the memory of your computer may have the vulnerability of being hacked by anyone. And with this data encryption channel, one can prohibit the instances.

  1. Warranty Check

It is always an additional check whenever you purchase equipment with a great number of months for warranty. A warranty serves as a legal document that allows the buyer to have the right to avail of services from the newly bought product. These services may be from technicians’ consultation, refill of inks for the first time, replacement of minimal hardware pieces or even updates in software programs.


With a lot of printers available in the market and you seem not too sure on what and where to look for. Take a look at these factors to consider lists. Maybe you might find reasons for which one to purchase.

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