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You Need This HP Printer For Your Startup

In any work environment, we all know that the quality of people you work with is equally vital as the tools and equipment you use to perform your role. Everybody and everything has to be of a high standard. In mowing your lawn, you purchase the best mower, in sports, you seek for the most active player in your team, in a dental clinic you should have state-of-the-art tools that will ease the experience of your patients.

Zoom into the corporate world. There is a ton of meeting and talking going around, but that would not be enough to drive your company’s growth. The paper works come into play, and it should work for you to bring projects forward, instead of the other way around. When we talk of paper works, it includes talking about the equipment our office has. Like the people you need in the company, it has to be top-of-the-line, and a cut above the rest.

You demand efficiency and quality from the printers, and that is where Hewlett-Packard’s (or infamously called HP), Page Wide Pro 577DW should be in your office. Here are three reasons why this is the best fit for busy workgroups:

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Heavy duty

This model can hit up to a max duty cycle of 80,000 pages per month, plus it is recommended not to go below a monthly duty cycle of up to 6,000 sheets. Compared it to two of its contemporary models: the Epson WF-6590 (whose maximum is at 75,000 sheets per month, and a recommended minimum of 5,000) and HP X576DW (75,000 sheets monthly maximum with a recommended minimum of 4,200 sheets), the 577DW is a cut above. It is 500 sheets over its precedent model.

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This aspect is another point that keeps 577DW on top of any website’s lists. According to’s tests, it can perform at a rate of 9.7 pages per minute (ppm). It is a bit faster than the HP X576DW, which was at 9.5 ppm.

Another appealing factor of this tool is you can upgrade it to an auto-duplexer for two-sided printing. Cut your operations time in half, get more job done, and get off work earlier day by day.

This unit from HP: PageWide Pro 577DW Multifunction Printer is an inkjet that is faster than many lasers. You might even confuse it as a color MFP! Also, get solid text and excellent graphics quality as well as low running costs.

Size and capacity

Completing the trifecta of this tool’s physicality is its size and capacity. Aside from its brute speed and power, its size is also a testament to its promising performance. This model measures 18.4 inches by 20.9 inches by 16 inches. It is best for you to give this baby a rightful space and table of its own. It can weigh of up to nearly 50 pounds, 48.8 lbs to be exact (a little over 22 kilograms). You will need two people to place this in the right spot in your office.

It can hold up to a total of 550 sheets of up legal-sized papers. There is a split sheet between a 500-sheet main tray and the remaining 50 in a multipurpose paper feeder. Based on an article from, an optional 500-sheet paper tray ($199) or a 1,000-sheet tray with floor stand ($799) can be added, for a maximum 1,550-sheet capacity.

Now, you are set up to perform at your best. Plotters repairs are always at hand to maximize the power of this equipment. Show off to your boss by being more efficient! Who knows? They might notice, and you might get that promotion!