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Close-up photocopier or printer is office worker tool equipment for scanning and copy paper.

What Does a Laser Printer Do?

Any business industry needs the assistance of a reliable printer. Compared to inkjet printers, many of the establishments today prefer laser printers.

Are you planning to invest in a laser printer? If so, you may be wondering what it does and how it works. But, there’s nothing to worry about. If laser printers are new to you, you may think that you need to use technical skills. Well, that is part of the process. But once you mastered how to use it, printing with laser printers would be seamless.

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This post will give you a comprehensive guide to better understand what a laser printer does.

What is a Laser Printer?

When you hear the term “laser,” you automatically think about science-related stuff. Aside from laboratories, laser printers are also popular in different industries. They are also popular in the printing industry for several years.

Laser printers are like ordinary printers you see in most offices. The only difference is that they can print images and documents efficiently.

The first laser printer was made in the early 1960s. They were developed using the similar technology used in most photocopiers. One of the good things you will love about laser printers is that they can be in mono, colored, and all-in-one models.

Aside from that, they also produce high-grade prints at the fastest pace. Laser printers are also popular because they use fewer papers and cut down overall ink costs. Aside from being efficient, it is also a pocket-friendly choice of printers.

How Does a Laser Printer Work?

You can find a wide range of printer types and models on the market. Each of them has a unique technology to ensure high print quality.

A laser printer works by imprinting images onto the copier drum. From the copier drum, the images or texts will be exported to paper. Thus, it is called a “laser printer.” Aside from that, instead of using ink, a laser printer uses toner cartridges to print.

Considering the dry and fine texture of toner, a laser printer produces the highest quality prints. This made them different from other printer types offered by other brands.

What Made Laser Printers Different from Inkjet Printers?

Compared to inkjet printers, laser printers do not use ink. Inkjet printers use ink to spray onto the paper, while laser printers use toner.

Although inkjet printers are cheaper than laser printers, the latter provide you with exceptional printing quality. Aside from that, inkjet printers’ ink cartridges need frequent, costly replacements. On the other hand, laser printers’ toner cartridges are made to last. It can print thousands of documents without showing signs of malfunctioning.

If your business prints a high volume of documents per month and requires high-quality prints, then investing in a laser printer is a wise move. As mentioned, laser printers can produce printed documents efficiently and quickly.

Even if it needs higher upfront costs than other printer models, they can last for years and help you save from costly repairs. Beyond that, since it uses toner cartridges, you don’t need to worry about high ink costs.


Laser printers are used to produce crisp, sharp, and high-quality print results. They are complicated to use because they involve heat, static, carbon, mirrors, or lasers.

If this is your first time using a laser printer, you might get overwhelmed with its printing steps. But as time goes on, you will eventually understand how it works. And over time, using it would be just a piece of cake for you.

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