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How Long Can An Inkjet Printer Sit Unused?

Many office functions are slowly being transported online. The reason may be due to the ease of performing functions or due to ecological and environmental considerations, or it may be because of the same saving measures being implemented. Whatever reason may be, there are definitely instances when printing is done away with. Due to this, a printer can be left unused for a prolonged period of time. 

For inkjet printers, it is not advised to keep them unused for very long since the ink inside the cartridge can harden and thereby affect the quality of the print job output. At the most, a period of six months is the maximum amount of time that a printer can be left undisturbed.

It is prudent to turn on your printer once every two weeks even if you have no printing requirements. This is so because it keeps the printer in a tip top shape by ensuring that the mechanisms inside are in order. Check the components of the printer like the waste ink tube and see if there are any leaks. 

If an inkjet printer has been left unused for a long period of time, it is advised to have the printer nozzles cleaned in order to remove any accumulated dust or clogs that may have formed on them. Doing this before using the printer can prevent malfunctions or damage to the printer unit. After cleaning, make sure that all components that have been taken out of the printer are returned to its proper place. Secure the placement of the ink cartridges and conduct a test print so that the alignment can be set and to see that all components are working properly. In fact, doing a test print every two weeks is a good practice for printers because it will guarantee the condition of the printer. 

When cleaning out the printer, be cautious in handling the parts of the printer. Do not try to force out any of the printer’s components as this may cause some irreparable damage. Care is important in handling the various parts of the device as there are microchips that enable the printer to communicate both internally and externally. If any of this component would get damaged, they may not be easily replaceable. Place any removed component on a clear surface that ideally has a cover with a soft microfiber cloth so that it does not get scratched or banged on a hard surface.

How Long Can An Inkjet Printer Sit Unused?

If a cleaning solution has been used to clean any of the components, air dry each and make sure that there is no retained moisture. Leaving the component out to dry overnight might be needed just so there is no retained water in any crevice or corner of the component. If there is any moisture retained, it could be a source of a short circuit inside of the machine or possible rust to occur. 

In reinstalling the components, ensure that everything is lined up properly. If there is anything that you are unsure of, try to consult the manual so that you can have a better understanding of how things are supposed to be handled. 

In storing your printer, remove any paper from the trays in order to prevent putting pressure on the rollers. Find a place that has a level surface and refrain from storing the printer at an angle or in a tilted manner. The unit should not be in an area where it can be exposed to direct sunlight as this may cause the plastic components of the printer to melt or become brittle and be prone to breaking.

Make sure that all covers are properly closed and secured to prevent damage to the printer unit. If the printer will not be used for a prolonged period of time, it is best to use an anti-static cover so that exposure to dust and other debris will be minimized. 

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