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Features of Photocopy Paper

Just like how there are different kinds of models of photocopying machines that would suit your needs, there are also different kinds of paper that you can choose from that would suit the needs of your photocopying machine. You might say that paper is paper so you can use whichever is available but you never know that using whatever kind of paper on your photocopying machine might end up being a problem for you. Without the proper paper, you might end up wasting your supplies when it doesn’t give you the satisfaction that you are looking for in your output compared to using the right kind of paper for your printouts.


One of the features that you should look for when finding the right paper is its brightness. It would influence the color of your printouts depending on the paper that you are using. Depending on the color and the image that you are portraying, you should know which paper to use to balance everything so that it would look good when printed and not be a waste of paper.


Just like how you have a preference for the colour of your nails or your house that you want them to look good with the right shade so that it doesn’t hurt the onlookers’ eyes the same can be said with your paper. You want a paper that would give you the right feel and contrast that won’t look like your printout is dead when it is presented. It all depends on what kind of output you are looking for as the brighter the paper you use it can absorb a lot of warm and light tones. On the other hand, if you use cream white it would absorb warm and soft shades.

Features of Photocopy Paper


When you say the weight of paper it is referring to the heftiness and the thickness of each piece of paper and not the ream. It usually influences the looks and the feels of your printouts so you should check the weight recommendation of your photocopier so you know which paper to choose. In a working environment, the usual paper that you can see being used for printed documents is the standard weight because they are the best for office work. Not only are they sold at a lower price they can also fulfil the demands of daily printing inside your company.

They can be turned easily by the machine so you won’t have to worry about experiencing a lot of paper jams. It can also avoid looking cramped when they need to be bound. Unfortunately, the lighter paper does not absorb ink properly so you might end up having damp papers due to the ink bleeding through while printing. Your printouts might end up being a mess and you might end up wasting a lot of your printing supplies.

You can also choose a heavier paper but you have to also make sure that your printer would be able to handle its weight. Feeding your printer heavy paper might end up scraping them against the printing heads while you are printing. Your printouts might end up having scratches making the images blurred and it might also make your machine jammed. This kind of paper is usually used to create invitations and business cards as they are not only heavy but expensive too.

Different papers, have different uses so you need to make sure that you have the right paper on hand that would match the needs of your machine and can also keep up with the demands of your working environment. If you are not sure what kind of paper suits your photocopying machine, you can always contact your service provider so that they may be able to advise you on certain areas and you will also have peace of mind for preventing a lot of unnecessary problems when it comes to using your photocopying machine.


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