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Everything You Need To Know About Managed IT Services

Whether you are a seasoned IT pro or a business executive, using managed services can make your job better and easier. When it is effectively processed, MS or Managed Service is like getting the capability of an IT Department but with the expertise and knowledge of seasoned professionals to make and deliver focused application operations to your company’s business application users. 

A managed service is created to handle the everyday operations of your specialized applications giving the capability to your company end-users and thus allowing your in-house IT people to focus on more strategic IT programs. It can also free your team to focus on your business’s core competencies. 

What is a managed services model?

A managed services model, also named as a fully outsourced model, is a specific kind of outsourcing that covers all IT functions. In a managed services model, the provider takes over all the technology decisions as long as the decisions are within the surroundings that the business has set. The only leading role that the industry has in the managed services model is to review all the processes. The managed IT service provider is a company that works remotely to manage the IT infrastructure of their customer or their end-user systems. This is done on a proactive basis and attached to a subscription model. 

Differences between managed services and outsourcing

Comparing outsourcing vs. managed services is not necessary because they are the same thing, right? Well, yes and no. The terms are usually used interchangeably, but they refer to different models on which outsourcing information technology systems and services happen. 

Outsourcing is getting services from a third party without having the service provider manage the services. Suppose a company may implement a service cloud on a Saas or Software as a Service model but manage the functionality of the cloud in-house. If the company implemented the cloud on a managed service model, the service provider would manage the functionality of the cloud in a remote manner. 

Comparing outsourcing and managed services is not a debate about which one is better. Some companies need third-party IT services managed, and some companies don’t. Considering managed services instead of outsourcing is a type of discussion that clarifies the terminologies. 

In onshoring, outsourcing vs. managed services is a meaningful comparison to make, as the concepts refer to different types of third-party IT service. The differentiation also applies to offshore and nearshoring. It is all right to use the term outsourcing to refer to IT services from a third-party provider. But when it comes down to signing a service contract, it is crucial to observe the technical difference between outsourcing vs. managed services. 

Why do we need managed services?

Managed services can give spam protection, security software, software patches, and monitoring to protect your system investment. The threat landscape constantly changes, and it takes full-time experts to protect systems against the latest attacks. 

What are the benefits of managed services?

With managed service providers, you can get the reliability and security a full-time IT staff provides at a fraction of the cost. Here are some of the benefits of MSP:

Regular maintenance

Applications and operating systems need to stay up to date. It is not so much a matter of having all the latest features but having all available patches, and all the bug fixes installed. When you have updated software that operates entirely, it runs more reliably from both an operational and security standpoint. You can get immediate fixes for security holes, avoiding expensive data breaches. 

Access to niche-focused IT support

The main benefit of an MSP is the Service Desk. A service desk provides the ability to email, call or chat about a problem within your organization, and allows a resource with a specific technical competency to address that issue. 

Information security

Every system on the internet can target data theft, cryptocurrency mining, ransomware, or even data deletion. Keeping a network safe is a difficult task because of all the potential access points. Managed services can give spam protection, security software, software patches, and monitoring to protect your system investment.

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