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Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Leasing a Copier

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

A copier lease is a contractual deal you have with a lending company. It is a financial entity that keeps you for as long as you have the computer to pay for your copier equipment. 

Every copier lease contract has a termination clause. You need to send in your Letter of Intent 90-120 days before your contract expires. This lets the leasing company know you are going to return the equipment at the end of your lease. 

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Copier lease services offer a variety of advantages. There is no large upfront payment required. Upgrading copiers is also simple. You will receive the best technological support. This is to ensure the excellent performance of your copier at all times. To get this, everyone must familiarize the common mistakes in leasing a copier. 

Getting in touch with these mistakes will help you avoid them and do better in leasing a copier. Some common errors include overpayments, getting stuck in restrictive clauses, and misconceptions. 

It is a significant decision to buy a copier or multi-function printer for your business. It’s an option that most companies don’t make every day, so you want to make sure you’re making the right one. 

What are the most common mistakes that businesses make when leasing a copier? 

1. Not buying colored ones.

Many organizations avoid purchasing a copier or multi-function printer. Having the reason for, “Color is too expensive.” Suppose you look at the price of a black and white copier and a color copier. In that case, the color copier can appear to be more expensive. But, are you going to outsource color? For short runs, are you paying extra? Are you throwing modified records away? Are you using inkjet or laser desktop color printing? If it is yes, it could pay for itself and save you thousands of dollars in the long run to buy a color copier. 

2. Not understanding the contract and lease. 

Most individuals do not read the privacy policy and terms of services. All the legitimate ones always look like Greek to us. To make sure you understand precisely what is in your lease, work with your salesperson. Before signing, get a copy of what you sign and understand what it means. Make sure you know everything that is part of your service contract. Over or under buying is also one of the issues. 

Many companies will purchase a used multi-function printer or copier to save money. Yeah, this can save you cash upfront, but in the long run, how much will it cost your business? The piece of equipment would only last for a few years. If you could afford only one new copier, you might end up buying two (or more) copiers. 

As the copier ages, it often becomes difficult to locate parts and materials. Buying a certified pre-owned piece of equipment gives you some assurances. It does not offer you the same guarantees as buying from an approved dealer. If the vendor runs out of business, what happens? Who will back up those pre-owned, approved guarantees? Purchasing a multi-function printer from an authorized dealer gives you the dealer’s warranty. 

Leasing an office copier may give a company a variety of benefits. These benefits include a low monthly cost, maintaining the money, and faster upgrades. There’s no need to think about repairs and maintenance when you lease an office copier. All you have to do is call the company leasing the machine. Do this if your machine malfunctions and an experienced technician can take care of the rest.