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3 Effective Ways To Counter Poor Employee Performance

Effective Ways To Counter Poor Employee Performance

In the corporate world, we all want to make work light. We want to fight and evade the stress and pressure brought about by benchmarks, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and assessments. We all love working in a friendly and light environment, don’t we? Working with a team in high spirits and positivity is a great motivational factor to sleep to and wake up to, right?

In the same manner, when quotas are not hit in an e-commerce business, or a quarterly goal of a local bakery or something went wrong with your B2B copier lease clients, that’s when weaknesses start to show up.

For sure, it is easy to just kick out a person from the team or from the company, but consider first these things below before making any big moves. Instead of being all mad which cause bad blood, it is a perfect opportunity for you to make it a learning experience.

Talk it out

As the employee’s immediate boss or manager, talking really helps. Understand first where he’s having a hard time by asking the right questions. They could be quite tough to utter because it’s sensitive stuff, so you could talk about it with one trusted colleague first or someone who works in a similar industry close to copier leasing in Long Beach.

Stay factual as much as you can, and don’t be too mushy when feelings start to get involved. You’re dealing with a human being and with running a business, so focus on the practical stuff without compromising the emotions associated with it. It’s work, and as much as we want to keep everybody happy for each day of the week, work can be overwhelming at times.

Some of the questions you could be as simple as: “What makes your job difficult?” or “What part of the work process do you feel you need extra assistance?”. It just needs to come from you because part of making a business well-oiled is making sure that everybody’s aligned with the bigger picture. They have to feel like they’re part of something bigger than copier leasing, apart from just being in their desk every day with occasional twists in their day.

Follow through

After speaking with your colleague, make sure you follow through. How? It will always depend on what was discussed, but it will probably be a change in the approach, providing additional training or upskilling for copier leasing, or some tweaks in the process you follow.

Whatever it is, trust that your colleague will appreciate it because it will show him that something is being addressed and that you’re doing something to bring out the best in him or her. As they say, it’s important to invest in good equipment and materials, but it’s more important to invest in good people, especially in copier lease in Long Beach. Set up your copier leasing Long Beach business the best by taking care of your employees.


Much like training for body loss or passing a quiz after a lesson, reward your employees over small things! When they feel that you have noticed a very minute detail from changing their work process, it will make them feel appreciated. It increases morale and keeps your copier lease employee motivated to do better. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant dinner in a posh restaurant, but rather, it can be a simple pat on the back or simply point out that good thing you have seen from them.

Ultimately, above all these, keep in mind that to be the best copier lease in Long Beach, make sure you end up with the right people. We could go all day talking about tactics and strategies to help you keep benchmarks and KPIs in check, but if your company’s not built on good and strong people, the numbers might not stick around as much as you want. After all these, it’s up to you to decide if the employee is still worth the spot, or if the company’s better off without him.